Driving Dangers With Chronic Migraines

September 6, 2013

Would you want to be a passenger in a car, speeding down the highway at 60 miles per hour, driven by someone who regularly gets slammed with debilitating pain and visual auras from chronic migraines?  What if that someone is YOU?  Boosting your sense of safety and well-being could be a migraine procedure away!

When a driver’s migraine disease is adequately managed with drug free therapies or OTC analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs, there may be little cause for concern.  But, what if the severe symptoms require prescription drugs that render the driver dizzy, drowsy or weak? 

Or, what if the onset of migraine symptoms such as disabling pain or blinding aura is so sudden that the driver is temporarily incapacitated at the wheel? A migraine procedure such as implanting a neurostimulation device, might be the optimal treatment and safety measure all wrapped up in one solution.

An unfortunate story, reported recently in Virginia’s local Star Exponent newspaper, should make many of us question whether driving with an untreated or under treated chronic migraine condition is safe.  According to the report, a veteran English professor from Mary Washington University was convicted of DUI and crashing her car into parked vehicles.  Her license was suspended as part of her sentencing. 

Although she admitted to having alcoholic drinks with dinner prior to the accident, she claims her impaired driving was due to a migraine attack.  While the report didn’t provide information about whether her impairment was due to alcohol, migraine drugs or a combination of the two. 

This incident highlights the issues involved when you or someone you know is driving while experiencing a migraine attack or driving while impaired from medication side effects. The obvious answer is to avoid driving or stopping the car during these circumstances. 

This may not always be practical: What if you are stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic on the highway and cannot escape?  When chronic migraines are not well managed with non-impairing medication, it really may be productive to consider undergoing the Omega migraine procedure.  This long-lasting, self-modulating treatment could save you a lot of pain, humiliation from brushes with the law, your life and the lives of others. 


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