Dr. Burgher appears on Phoenix TV to talk Omega procedure

June 28, 2013

The weather isn’t the only thing hot in Phoenix. The hot topic this week is the Omega procedure. Dr. Abram Burgher of the Migraine Treatment Centers of America was the feature of a story last night on KTVK Channel 3’s 9pm news.

Dr. Abram talked about how the Omega is new to Arizona and how it’s really catching on as a leading treatment of migraines. His patient Cassi Sullivan is a believer too. She’s gone through the trial period and is now eagerly awaiting the permanent surgery. That surgery  is scheduled for July.

After years of suffering from migraines, medications just weren’t enough for Cassi. So she sought out Dr. Burgher for help and it appears to be working.

Burgher says the Omega is a true breakthrough and is excited about the procedure coming to the forefront in migraine treatment in Arizona.



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