Dallas Migraines and Tissues: Allergy Season’s Back!

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July 15, 2014

Isn’t it irritating how perky and cheerful everybody is this month? When all you can do is alternate between blowing your nose and popping pain pills for your migraine, Dallas seems like a miserable place to be these days. For chronic headache and migraine sufferers, who also struggle with seasonal allergies, spring means misery.

Certain cities, like Dallas, Louisville and Memphis are known to be especially bothersome when it comes to allergies. In fact, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America’s annual rankings of top 100 worst cities for allergies, Dallas takes the 7th spot honor, up from 23rd place in 2013—Yipee!

So what are Jackson, Richmond, Memphis (other top terrible allergy cities) and Dallas migraine, chronic headache and allergy sufferers to do this season? According to news site, cbsdfw.com, if you can’t head out to sea on an extended luxury cruise for the season, then you should take steps to keep as much pollen as possible out of your living space.

Shed your clothes as soon as you come home and toss them into the hamper. Then go ahead and toss yourself into the shower to wash that pollen out of your hair and off your body. Make sure the windows stay closed and turn on the air conditioning.  Keep the filters clean and change them when needed.

Although seasonal allergies have not been proven to cause chronic headaches or migraines, they frequently occur together according to anecdotal reports and medical research, like the study published in the November 25th journal, Cephalalgia. When nasal passageways and sinuses become inflamed with allergic rhinitis headaches develop. And, those who also suffer with migraines tend to experience more frequent attacks and severe symptoms than those without allergic rhinitis.

As you sniffle and suffer with miserable chronic headaches and migraines in Dallas or Memphis, do your best to diligently treat these conditions separately. The allergy experts believe that an unusually cold winter was also to blame for this year’s worse than usual allergy season. See, there is some good news…the past winter is over! Now all you need to worry about is getting the right treatment for migraines and other conditions and the arrival of fire ants and mosquitos!

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