Cool Shades for Chronic Migraines

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December 13, 2013

“Hmph, who does she think she is!” Don’t we all jump to conclusions about people wearing sunglasses indoors, at night and on overcast days?  Surely this can’t be anything more than shameless vanity.  You may be at least a little surprised to learn that some of these folk may have found a drug free migraine treatment for their chronic migraines! Migraine sufferers as well as others who struggle with photosensitivity or photophobia could benefit from this therapy.

According to The American Headache Society, light sensitivity (photophobia) is a common symptom with migraines.  For some, it is also a headache trigger.  Specialized tinted lenses (FL-41), red and blue-blocking lenses have been found to provide drug free migraine relief by blocking the particular light wavelength that affects the individual migraine sufferer.  Of course, wearing sunglasses outdoors is also helpful.

A research study published during 2011 in Cephalalgia found that precision opthalmic tints reduce the effect of visual stimulation on the brain that is symptomatic of migraine in some people.

If you believe your chronic migraine are triggered by light or certain visual stimuli, or if the headaches are accompanied by photo-sensitivity, you may be interested in learning more about tinted glasses.   If you have trouble tolerating medicine, or your child is the one with migraines, tinted lenses could provide a drug free therapy.

Still not convinced that lady with the giant sunglasses in the detergent aisle at the grocery is really treating her migraines drug free?  Maybe the Chihuahua in her purse and the furry boots are hints that she just didn’t have time to put on make-up this morning, or concealing the residual effects from yesterday’s Happy Hour.  Give her a break, because she just might be trying to prevent triggering her chronic migraines with the bright supermarket lighting, just like you.

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