Commit to Weight Loss for a Drug Free Migraine Solution

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January 22, 2014

Thankfully medical treatments for migraine and obesity have come a long way, along with an improvement in society’s attitude toward individuals with these debilitating conditions.  From drug free migraine protocols to migraine surgery; and from weight loss counseling to bariatric procedures—the prognosis is bright and the options are many indeed.

But, did you know that by tackling weight loss you could actually help your migraine condition? According to a study published recently in the journal Neurology, the likelihood for episodic migraine increased as much as 81% among those under the age of 50 who were obese.  This should be a good of a reason as any to pull out those New Year’s resolutions and move ‘achieve healthy body weight’ to the top of your list along with ‘try new drug free migraine’ therapies.

But how can you overcome all those objections inside your head to get moving and get fit?  ACE (American Council on Exercise) has some helpful hints:

  • Stop the gloomy self-talk.  Instead of telling yourself you will never be able to shed as much weight as you want, or that you are too lazy to follow through on a fitness program, get positive.  Believe in yourself and set incremental and attainable goals.  Praise yourself for taking that walk around the block or trying out a new spin class.
  • Avoid Overkill.  Fitness newbies inevitably overdo their first time out and end up sore, exhausted and demoralized.  Only, to give up before they ever give it a chance.  Write out a fitness plan (get a pro to help) and stick to it. Be sure to include rest days.  Increase your effort level and exercise duration gradually.
  • Too much stress.  Believe it or not, you aren’t the only overstressed adult in America who struggles to find time to exercise.  Be flexible but commit to do something (anything) every day that you are scheduled to work out.  Even if you can only get away for a 15 minute brisk walk around the parking lot of your office complex.

Should your chronic migraine condition require more than drug free migraine therapies to manage pain, you may be considering migraine surgery or the Omega migraine procedure (which, unlike migraine surgery, does not require cutting nerves).  In this case, you might need to put your new fitness resolutions on hold until your doctor tells you that you are ‘good to go’.

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