Classical Music: Drug Free Migraine Therapy

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September 24, 2014

Could Chopin really hold the key to your drug free migraine therapy? It’s true. Classical music has a considerable base of support for alleviating pain among people who suffer with various conditions such as chronic migraines. If you were not yet aware of this, you should know that September is officially Classical Music Month.

In a study performed by German headache experts from the Ruprect-Karls-Universität Heidelberg, published in the journal Schmerz, patients with chronic headaches benefited from music therapy. Over the long-term, they were better able to cope with pain when music therapy was added to the normal medical treatment. Music has also been shown to help prevent migraines in children, when administered together with Butterbur extract. This finding was published during 2007 in the European Journal of Pain.

So, how could listening to classical music be a new drug free migraine therapy to help ease your chronic migraine pain? One sure way that music can help you feel better immediately, is that is eases migraine triggering stress and muscle tension. Listening to soothing music, like classical or even new age songs, can help promote restful sleep, which also helps prevent migraine attacks.

In an article in Psychology Today, possible scientific theories for the reasons behind music’s therapeutic benefits on pain, include the idea that music elicits neurochemical reactions in the brain by impacting the limbic system. This may assist in distracting the person from bad feelings.

The emotional enjoyment derived from listening to music might also activate the brain’s natural opioid functions. So it seems that neural pathways involved with chronic migraine pain may also have something to do with how the brain processes music. By interfering with pain signals, music is able to produce soothing effects.

If you love listening to tunes on your iPod while you exercise, or humming along with the radio in your car, then a little classical music could just be the drug free migraine therapy you need. While it’s not a substitute for medical treatment, a little Mozart could go a long way toward easing your chronic migraine pain, when added to your complete migraine plan.


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