Chronic Migraine Sufferers Not Losing Their Mind!

August 24, 2012

While you may feel like you’re ‘losing your mind’, certainly while you’re in the throes of a chronic migraine attack, science however says: Nope!  According to a recent study out of Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, there is no strong link between migraines and significant cognitive decline over long periods of time.  In the past, there have been small studies, which suggested such a link might exist, but this large-scale study indicates otherwise.  The study states that as much as 20% of women suffer with migraines, which are usually treated in a variety of ways, from at home remedies, and medications to interventional migraine procedures, which offer long term remedies.

The research team analyzed data from 6,349 women, 45 of age and up, who provided migraine status information through a health survey project.  This larger group was further broken into 4 subgroups based on their headache history: no history of headaches; migraines with aura; migraines without aura; past migraine history.  The participating women were then given a baseline test of cognitive ability, and then retested at two year intervals for up to three times.  The study found that there was no significant connection between either type of migraines and long term effects on cognition or brain function.  This is certainly promising news for migraine sufferers who can now focus their attention on finding the best therapies and migraine procedures to relieve their short-term migraine symptoms.

Interestingly, the study, which was published online in the British Medical Journal, seems to offer us yet one more reason to exercise and follow a healthy diet.  The researchers wrote: “We did observe greater rates of cognitive decline in the subgroup of women who experience migraine with aura and had a history of cardiovascular disease compared with women who experience migraine with aura and did not have history of cardiovascular disease.” So, once again, following a heart healthy lifestyle may also help you protect your brain fitness.  If you’re a chronic migraineur, healthy habits, therapeutic treatments and migraine procedures can help ward off the debilitating symptoms that accompany migraines, along with that sense of ‘losing your mind’, (which at least we now know isn’t really happening…thank goodness!)

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