Chronic Headache Cure for Your Valentine’s Day Honey

February 5, 2013

Are you thinking about how to plan your perfect Valentine’s Day evening with someone special in your life who also happens to suffer with a chronic headache or migraine condition?  Is the stress from all the arranging and worrying enough to trigger your own tension headaches?  The drug free migraine tips below should help you put together a soothing and romantic evening plan.  Remember the keys to a great Valentine’s Day date night depend in how great you both feel during and after the evening, and appreciating the time you both make to reconnect with each other.  This doesn’t require jumping through fiery hoops and leaping over tall buildings, but rather some good old fashioned common sense and drug free migraine therapies:

  • Stay on Schedule – that is, your nightly sleep schedule.  One of the most important habits you should stick to when living with a chronic headache condition, is getting regular quality sleep and that means going to bed and waking up at the same time each day to avoid messing up your circadian rhythm.  So get that date night going earlier in the day…how about late afternoon?
  • Cranial Sacral Therapy? – And you didn’t think it was possible to stoke the embers of love in the afternoon!  To help transition from the stresses of the workday into your special evening, and ease the throbbing pain from your stress headache or your partner’s migraine, book a couple’s massage session.  Cranial Sacral Therapy is one massage therapy variety you can try, which focuses on treating the bones and muscles in the head and spine in order to release tension and alleviate pain.
  • Drug Free Migraine Friendly Dinner – Skip your trigger foods like aged cheese, red wine and chocolate laden dessert.  Instead try heading out for Asian inspired fare like Omega-3 fatty acid-rich (anti-inflammatory) grilled salmon, prepared with (preventative and anti-inflammatory) ginger and (magnesium rich) leafy greens like spinach.  A calcium and riboflavin (Vitamin B) rich yogurt based beverage or dessert will top off your dinner with more nutrients to prevent triggering your chronic headaches.

So keep in mind that love and romance should be one of life’s feel-good experiences, and minimizing stress and anxiety is a big part of making the most of your relationship time.  The National Institutes of Health website MedlinePlus lists stress as one of the main headache and migraine triggers.  Happily, managing your stress will provide both a drug free migraine therapy and a fabulous Valentine’s Day date!

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