Chronic Headache and Migraine Stimulating Gifts

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December 22, 2014

Are you still looking for the perfect holiday present for a loved one (maybe yourself) with a chronic headache or migraine condition? Did you cover the soothing gifts last year, and are now looking for something more…stimulating…perhaps a neurostimulation procedure? The following therapies and treatments range from non-invasive to minimally invasive, and potentially ease pain and other symptoms to varying degrees, depending on the individual and severity of their disability.

  • Acupressure— According to Wikipedia, acupressure is based in Chinese medicine and depends on the theory that certain energy pathways, called meridians, run through the body. When the therapist, or the individual himself, exerts pressure on specific points along these meridians, energy blockages can be relieved.   These blockages or imbalances are believed to be the cause of disease and pain. Restoring qi (or energy flow) allows the 12 primary channels that lead to various bodily organs to function properly.
  • Cranial Sacral Therapy— This mind-body technique, also known as craniosacral therapy, involves gently manipulating the muscles and bones in the head. The Massage Envy website explains that this therapy is designed to restore the correct placement of bones so that any nerve compression that is causing pain can be relieved. The massage services chain claims this therapy helps people with migraines and headaches. Think of the treatment as an intense scalp rub.
  • Acupuncture—This traditional eastern medicine technique can be used to treat chronic headache or migraine pain in a similar way that acupuncture does. The main difference is that instead of using manual pressure, the therapist inserts fine needles into particular points along the meridians. According to the NIH National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, acupuncture is generally safe when administered by a qualified practitioner, but the evidence is still not conclusive about its effectiveness.
  • Neurostimulation—The Omega Procedure, which uses neurostimulation for those who qualify, is a long-lasting procedure that involves stimulating the occipital and/or supraorbital nerves to effectively stop pain right in its pathway. While this procedure may exceed your gift budget, launching a fund to raise contributions from other friends and family can be a great way to bring your loved one closer to a life without pain.   Another thoughtful option would be to give him/her a packet of compiled information about the procedure, including insurance coverage information.

When your loved-one’s chronic headache or migraine condition is more than a little bothersome or even severe, a scented candle and meditation just won’t do. Whether you give the gift of hands-on holistic therapy, a minimally invasive neurostimulation procedure, or even a packet of information about the procedure together with some scented candles, your caring and love will be sure to bring joy to their holiday season!


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