Chasity L.

April 6, 2016

Patient Name: Chasity L.
Diagnosis: Chronic Migraines
Type of Procedure: Omega Procedure

How was your experience with your patient coordinator?
Hilary was the most amazing person ever! She was like a friend guiding me to the help I needed. She always called me back promptly and understood my desperation to get better. If it was not for her contacting insurance and setting up the meetings for me, I would never have been able to do it all on my own. When you are sick you do not have the energy to help yourself; but Hilary made it her mission to make it better.

How was your experience with your doctor?
Dr. Chapman is a miracle I did not know existed. From our first phone conversation, to the trial, then the surgery he always gave me all the time in the world to ask questions. When you get to this point, that you are willing to have this surgery you are scared and unsure of the outcome. Rest assured that Dr. Chapman is the BEST and you are lucky to have him as your doctor.

What was your life like before surgery?
Life before surgery was hell!! I did not want to live and felt I was in prison. This was the second time I had a series of events like this. All the sudden I had vertigo, nausea and a migraine that would not go away. I could not work since driving was out of the question and I could not take care of my four year old daughter. My husband was working at night and going to school during the day. We hired help but they could not always be here. Eventually, my husband had to take FMLA for three months. We tried everything, from specialist to Botox and anything else they would come up with. I found this website and showed what the symptoms were for Migraine Disorder. I had it all!! At this point I am wearing depends because I could not even control my bowel movements, I was so sick. If it was not for this surgery I do not know where I would be.

What is your life like now, after surgery?
Life is great! I have headaches sometimes when I am stressed or the weather drastically changes; but I just change the settings on my hand held control and done!
[I can] spin, jump, skip and just in general play with my daughter. I can take care of her now and need no assistance. I can go to movies with my husband and not have to leave because of a migraine. This has completely changed our lives. Oh yeah, and my husband can wear his cologne now. lol

What would you say to someone who is contemplating the Omega Procedure?
DO IT!! I tried the nerve injectors, the pain pills, the preventative medicines, and had my fair share of emergency room visits. If you want that to all be over and get your life back; there is no option; DO IT!!!

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