Celebrity Lifestyle Can Trigger Chronic Migraines

November 8, 2012

Even if you have no rapping skills whatsoever, if you suffer with chronic migraines and have been slammed with headaches during air travel, you and a celebrity rapper have something in common!  It’s a migraineurs worst nightmare: thousands of feet up in the air among the clouds and trapped in a plane when you are hit with the worst headache you’ve ever had!  This is exactly what happened to rapper Lil Wayne on his way back from Texas to Los Angeles.  According to reports, from his representatives and the TV tabloid show TMZ, published in the New York Daily News, he suffered two medical migraine emergencies.  The second event occurred mid-flight on a private jet and the plane made an emergency landing so he could be hospitalized for dehydration and severe migraine.   Are there any migraine treatments you can arm yourself with so that you can avoid a similar scenario for yourself?

  • Medication:  The Mayo Clinic lists preventative medication that your doctor may prescribe if you are a chronic migraine sufferer.  You may be prescribed a regular course of treatment or an event specific prescription, when you know about an upcoming ‘migraine trigger’.  These include certain anti-seizure, cardiovascular and anti-depressant drugs, along with Ciproheptadine (an anti-histamine) and of course Botox injections.
  • Stress Reduction:  Avoiding your migraine triggers is always the best medicine, but when this isn’t feasible, as in the case of air travel if you must journey a long distance, then the best you can do is prepare yourself.  Reducing stress before going on a trip is very important, as this is usually a time when you are frantically trying to catch up and work ahead for your job, family obligations and not to mention last minute travel planning.  Take the time to take care of yourself, and get plenty of sleep since you will no doubt be missing out on your ZZZ’s during traveling.
  • Hydration:  Before and during your traveling, make sure to remember to keep yourself hydrated with plenty of water, since it is a well-known and easily avoidable migraine trigger.  Air travel and alcoholic beverages (a common business trip and vacation component!) are the ultimate dehydrating combination.  So make sure to keep that water bottle handy.

According to the New York Daily News, even though his doctors have released Lil Wayne and he appears to have recovered just fine, he is banned from flying for now.  No worries…surely he will be able to continue his travels in a luxury tour bus.  As for sufferers with chronic migraines, for whom air travel is a trigger, preventative migraine treatments can help minimize the risk for in flight migraine events.

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