Can Teenagers Get Migraines?

April 29, 2016

Kids might complain about a lot of things, but migraine is one of the most common reasons children complain about pain to their parents, and migraine in kids can be serious. In addition to the piercing, throbbing headache that comes with migraine, kids are also likely to experience vomiting, abdominal migraine and vertigo as symptoms of migraine attack. Many adults with migraine can tell you that they remember these migraine attacks they experienced as children and how difficult it was to communicate to adults the type of pain they were experiencing.teen migraine

Symptoms of Childhood Migraine

Migraines in kids  and teens can be hard to spot because while it’s normal for children to display the most common symptoms of migraine, it’s not unheard of for children and adolescents to suffer from migraine attacks that present much differently than they would in adults. Childhood migraines can affect kids’ physical, emotional and social development – migraine can impact a child’s quality of life just as much as it would an adult, if not more. As we learn more about childhood migraine, we are beginning to see the association between several lifestyle factors and the development of migraine headache in children.

Migraine and Food in Kids

The first thing many parents want to know when they first learn their child has migraines is can migraines be triggered by food? Just like in adults, migraines in kids can be triggered by eating poorly. Lots of junk food can lead to obese and overweight kids – two conditions that we know are risk factors for developing migraines. A healthy diet low in junk food and high in fresh fruits and vegetables can reduce your child’s risk for migraine headache.

Risk Factors for Migraine in Kids

Our teens are under a lot of stress to perform well at school, succeed with peers and be model citizens at home. When kids are under pressure like this, they may turn to substances – alcohol and caffeine are also two triggers known to kick start migraine headaches in teenagers. Dysfunctional family situations, low levels of physical activity, physical or emotional abuse, bullying by peers, unfair treatment in school and insufficient leisure time are situations too many teenagers can identify with. These factors are all also related to the onset of migraine headache.

Migraine Surgery for Teens

Migraine headaches are a lot more common in kids than most people realize – up to 20% of children experience headache by the time they are ten years old, with up to two percent of kids experiencing migraine attacks. A recent study found that almost one-fourth of children suffering from migraines were not responding to the medications their doctors recommended. Recent research on surgical procedures, however, is showing an increasing possibility that migraine surgery may be safe and effective for teenage patients.

It can be frightening and frustrating to watch your child live with chronic pain, and it’s natural for parents to want to investigate every treatment option available. Recently, Migraine Treatment Centers of America was able to offer a treatment solution for a Texas teen named. After a brain injury, Alexas suffered from a constant headache and wasn’t responding to treatment until she underwent the Omega procedure. If your teenager is suffering from migraines and has not responded to other treatments, the Omega migraine procedure might be the migraine relief they need.


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