Drug Free Migraine Tips for Chocolate Lovers

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May 20, 2014

The scent of chocolate send people into a frenzy all across America, from Minneapolis to Nashville. Migraines are no doubt, not far behind! Sadly, chocolate also happens to be a common migraine triggers for many people.

This doesn’t mean however that chocolate causes your migraines, and by avoiding the treat you have found the ideal drug fee migraine treatment.  Eating chocolate may simply increase the likelihood that an attack will occur if you already have other migraine events in progress. In other words, you are predisposed to getting one anyway.

For example, if you are under a lot of stress at work, and haven’t been sleeping much or staying hydrated, a migraine is more likely to happen and eating chocolate may just be the final trigger to get it going. Triggers have a cumulative effective. This is why people can sometimes eat certain foods without a problem and other times the same foods will seem to trigger a migraine, possibly due to the fact that they are exposed to several other ‘triggers’ at once, such as flashing lights, loud noises, and powerful odors.

According to Britain’s Migraine Trust, a health and research organization, chocolate has been reported by some migraine sufferers to be a headache trigger. However, this may not be entirely fair toward our favorite chocolate treats. Certain people find it soothing to reach for something sweet, (oftentimes it’s chocolate) when they sense a headache approaching. Once the pain hits, they assume the chocolate was the trigger when in fact that wasn’t the case. The person is already prone to getting migraines, and many possible ‘triggers’ could simply make the headache more likely to occur.

So how can you really enjoy that delicious piece of chocolate? First of all, don’t stress. You know that will just make migraine matters worse. If you think your other triggers aren’t a problem, and your supply of migraine medication is fully stocked at home, you may be able to tolerate a little chocolate delight after all.

Don’t want to chance it? It’s probably best to reach for a sweet alternative. This drug free migraine strategy will serve you best.


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