Brit’s Frantic Search For Effective Treatment Answer: Migraine Procedure

September 14, 2012

Her agonizing story of living with chronic migraine pain and nausea is an all too familiar one to so many migraineurs.  A British writer recently shared her personal struggle of living with migraine symptoms and desperately seeking a treatment that would enable her to emerge from her migraine misery, on MailOnline, the British Daily Mail’s website.  She reports that recently her 10-year migraine history worsened from the occasional occurrence to a chronic condition.  Although she may have been a candidate for several migraine procedures, it wasn’t until visiting her current neurologist that she underwent an interventional treatment.

When her headaches became a full on chronic migraine condition, her doctors were confounded by the cause for the transformation and apparent failure of all the common migraine treatments they were prescribing.  She recounts waking up with pain and barely making it to the bathroom before vomiting and returning to bed to succumb to depression.  About 85 percent of her time, she estimates, was spent in bed.   She tried prescription painkillers and triptans that narrow dilated blood vessels during a migraine, to no avail.  Seemingly unaware of migraine procedures that may have helped, she tried magnesium and feverfew supplements; acupuncture and cranial therapy; and even gave up alcohol, cheese and chocolate!  Nothing alleviated her growing despair and debilitating migraine symptoms.

She was finally referred to a neurologist at the London Bridge Hospital, who focuses on treating migraines and severe headaches.  At first he attempted to treat her with preventative medications: amitriptyline, an antidepressant and pizotifen, a serotonin blocker, both of which knocked her out; and propranolo, a beta blocker which left her woozy.  Lastly, he prescribed Topiramate, the anti-epilepsy drug, which she writes, made her feel like ants were crawling under her skin at night.  Once it was evident that she could not tolerate the side effects from medication, and that nothing worked to alleviate her chronic migraines, she underwent nerve block injections.   She describes her migraine procedure as less than fun, but is amazed that her migraine pain and symptoms are virtually gone and that her one migraine in the last 5 weeks,  responded quickly to a triptan that she took.

This brave woman’s story shows us how important it is for migraineurs to seek out excellent health information; medical specialists and migraine procedures and treatments that can finally help them put their suffering to rest.

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