The 10 Best Migraine Apps

Migraines are difficult to manage. Since there’s no definitive cure—only a range of treatment approaches—and since symptoms and triggers vary from person to person, the migraineur needs as many tools as possible to take it on. Luckily, in the era of smartphones and devices, a number of special migraine apps have been devised to help patients track, treat, and learn more about their condition. In some cases, these tools serve as an important nexus for doctors and patients by making it easy to share important health information. What’s more, some of these apps are responsive and interactive, sending reminders, warnings, and headache forecasts to users. Since there are quite a few of these available for iPhone and Android users, it’s important to get a sense of what these apps do to figure out which app will work best for you. We’re presenting you with the 10 best migraine apps on the market based on ease of use, pricing, functionality, and reviews to help you figure that out.