Black Friday Shopping with Chronic Migraine

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November 26, 2014

Bargain hunting is not for everyone. People without a chronic migraine condition get head-achy and queasy when shopping for hours in the crowded mall. So how in the world should migraine sufferers tackle their ‘Black Friday’ shopping without risking auras, searing throbbing pain, nausea and fatigue?

The simple, delightful, and drug free migraine friendly answer is: ‘Cyber Monday.’ This day was virtually created in 2005 for people living with chronic pain! OK, so maybe the shopping phenomenon wasn’t really designed specifically for pain sufferers. Rather, it was a marketing response by online retailers to get in on the traditional post-Thanksgiving shopping bonanza.

Are the Black Friday chronic migraine triggers really that bad? If your migraines are set off by loud noise, rest assured holiday music will be playing incessantly in every store and throughout the mall. Do strong smells make you cringe? Scented candles, perfume sprayers, and controlled store aroma systems are just some of the overwhelming and inescapable smells of Black Friday shopping. Are your pre-migraine aura’s triggered by bright lights?

If so, you need to avoid the bright holiday light decorations, flashy video displays in electronics stores and trendy fashion retailers and surface (marble, glass, steel) glare from these light sources.

But, thanks to Cyber Monday, and its oh-so-thoughtful creators, you can circumvent this. This shop therapy is the perfect drug free migraine therapy also. Prepare a cup of herbal tea, dim the lights, plop down in your comfy chair, and start shopping online with your credit card or PayPal information. You can assign a separate browser tab for every store you would like to visit.

This way you build your own virtual mall! Feel free to comparison shop without walking a step, smelling strangers’ perfume, listening to shrill singing or enduring any other shopping headache hazard. Avoid the stress of standing on long lines, and fighting for parking spaces by taking advantage of online deals, that often include free shipping and even returns!

Discovering the joy and ease of Cyber Monday will surely put an end to your Black Friday migraines. However, be sure to not trigger your chronic migraines by getting carried away and staying on your computer or tablet for too long without taking a break. Like all good things…too much…is not so good.


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