Beating Genetics with Migraine Surgery

July 12, 2013

With this year’s Mother’s Day and Father’s Day barely a blip in our rear view mirrors, are we already looking to blame Mom and Dad for more ‘bad stuff’ like protruding ears and chronic migraines?  Really? 

Although medical research seems to agree with pointing the finger at genetics, it is worth noting that cosmetic procedures and migraine surgery could successfully treat both conditions!  

Researchers from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in the UK believe they found evidence that certain genetic regions are responsible for triggering migraines.  In studying the pathophysiology of migraines, they reviewed data from 29 prior genomic studies of 100,000 subjects.  

Interestingly, 12 areas of genetic code variations were linked with an elevated risk for migraines.  The identified gene areas involve brain circuitry and brain tissue, leading the researchers to conclude that these pathways are likely to cause migraines.   There were an additional 134 genetic areas that might be, somewhat less significantly, linked with increased migraine risk. 

Hopefully, with additional research focused on this area, new migraine treatments will be developed that could help people suffering with chronic migraines. 

One of the researchers pointed out the challenge of understanding migraine causes: “Migraine and epilepsy are particularly difficult neural conditions to study; between episodes the patient is basically healthy so it’s extremely difficult to uncover biochemical clues.”

Fortunately, although the underlying causes for migraines are still being researched, there are many migraine treatments proven to be effective.   Currently, preventative and abortive medication as well as migraine surgery can offer relief to chronic migraine sufferers.

So before you get ready to blame mom and dad for chronic migraines and ‘charismatic’ ears, remember that you have options to correct these circumstances such as cosmetic procedures and migraine surgery.  So as you ponder this latest research, published on Medical News Today, remember that genetics gave you that winning smile and great sense of humor — so be sure to give your folks some good credit too!

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