Beat Migraine-Inducing Heat

July 6, 2015

shutterstock_136703756The Fourth’s fireworks have come and gone and now you have one sure thing to look forward to—a spike in summer heat. For many migraine sufferers, that equals more headaches. Studies have shown that it’s not as much the heat, but an increase in temperature that often triggers migraines. So what can you do to stay cool and migraine-free during the dog days? Here are a few ideas:

Stay hydrated at all times:  Avoid alcohol, caffeine, and sugary drinks, which tend to dehydrate. Instead, carry refillable bottle with you and keep it filled with water. A 2010 study published in the journal Neurology suggested that men with migraines drink 13 cups of beverages such as water or juice each day, and women should consume 9 cups.

Dress the part:  Wear light-colored clothing, focusing on garments made of natural fibers such as cotton and linen that allow for more breathability. Thanks to Pharrell Williams, formal shorts are now a thing. Add a crisp button down shirt and cotton sports coat and you have yourself a suit that’s cool in more ways than one

All about accessories:  Sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat are must-haves for spending time outdoors, but also consider cooling towels such as Frogg Toggs Chilly Pads which stay cold for hours after wetting with water. Plus, cooling wristbands, bandanas, and headbands will make an impact by hitting pulse points to lower your body temperature.

Improve your patio:  Invest in a sturdy patio umbrella and look into an outdoor mist cooling system. There are many affordable options that will help you maintain your cool under the sun.

Indoor solutions:  If you don’t have a good central A/C system, keep a lightweight fan with you that you can move from room to room. You can also invest in a bed fan that sits at the foot of your bed, keeping you cool under the sheets all night long. Of course, nothing beats the heat more than a cold shower any time of day.

Still, if migraine symptoms plague you this summer and beyond, it may be time to find a more permanent solution. A migraine treatment such as the Omega procedure could give you long-lasting migraine relief all year round.

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