Beach Tips to Prevent Chronic Migraine Flareups

March 7, 2013

Spring break is around the corner.  Are you lucky enough to be planning a beach vacation this year?  If you are, just be prepared to manage chronic migraine so you can enjoy every warm minute of it.

Bright Light

Many chronic migraine sufferers are photosensitive or light sensitive.  Bright sunshine can either trigger a migraine or worsen symptoms if it is already underway.  Good quality, full coverage sunglasses are absolutely necessary for a day on the beach where you’re not only exposed to overhead sunshine, but glare from the sand and water as well.  Make sure to bring a beach umbrella along, and perch yourself under it, for added sun protection.

Loud Noise & Crowds

Heading to the beach with your book, you anticipate a peaceful and relaxing day.  The reality will more likely include wall-to-wall beach blankets filled with loud happy beachgoers, and radios playing different music from various directions.  If you can move to an isolated spot, that would be best to prevent a migraine.  Otherwise, plug your ear buds in and listen to your own sounds of nature if necessary.  …Perhaps ‘sounds of the ocean?’

Hot Temperatures and High Humidity

Rising temperatures and humidity are also common migraine triggers.  Go out to the beach during the early morning or evening, when you can avoid the scorching sun and enjoy the cool ocean breeze.  You should also stay under a shade and make sure to stay hydrated with cool water and fresh fruits and vegetables.  Drinks like lemonade can irritate your stomach from the acid and added sugars.  Limit caffeinated drinks and alcohol, both of which can also worsen symptoms.

Strong Scents

Perfumed scents as well as powerful odors are also common triggers.  When purchasing bug spray and sun protection lotion, make sure to opt for fragrance-free products.

Remember also, that moderate exercise is helpful in warding off chronic migraine flare-ups.  So when you’re out at the beach, make sure to enjoy a comforting yoga session or a long walk to stay healthy and have some fun!

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