Barb H.

January 3, 2017

Patient Name: Barb H.
Diagnosis: Chronic Migraines
Type of Procedure: Omega Procedure

How was your experience with your Patient Care Manager?
Was very thorough and kept in contact with me and kept me informed of the status.

How was your experience with your doctor?
Was very knowledgeable and courteous when explaining and before and after the procedure. Have recommended him many times.

What was your life like before surgery?
What life? I didn’t want to do anything but stay home. Missed a lot of work and couldn’t wait for the day to be over. Pain was the biggest symptom… Occasionally word mismatch, eyes blurry, excess floaters, nausea, could not focus, sleepy…. Need I say more?

What is your life like now, after surgery?
I have a life again. Everyone could see a big difference after getting my implant. I have not missed a day of work due to a headache. Yea! Most all of my symptoms are unrecognizable.
We can now plan a social life. I don’t lay around as much as before. I enjoy being around people again.

What would you say to someone who is contemplating the Omega Procedure?
Just do it! It will change your life drastically, for the better.

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