Another Good Reason for a Migraine Procedure

October 11, 2013

Just what migraine sufferers need to hear: more bad news about migraine drugs.  From rebound headaches, to elevated risk for addiction, adverse reactions and side effects, it’s not a surprise that medication is so controversial!

But the news isn’t all gloom and doom when we stop to remember that the best strategy against chronic migraines could be drug free migraine treatments like behavior modification, trigger avoidance and migraine procedures.  For occasional or episodic headaches and migraines, medication is a great treatment option, but the scientists are reminding us with their latest research, that chronic migraine drug use may have poor outcomes.

A doctoral student from the University of Adelaide in Australia found that codeine was significantly less effective in treating pain than morphine, yet it was just as likely to increase pain sensitivity as morphine over time.  Morphine is a highly controlled substance and not prescribed for routine pain management. 

Codeine however, is the primary severe pain relieving medication used across the globe and as such poses a greater risk to more pain sufferers. reported that the researcher said “Pain sensitivity is a major issue for users of opioid drugs because the more you take, the more the drug can increase your sensitivity to pain, so you may never quite get the level of relief you need.” 

She said that eventually the problem becomes worse, and that headache sufferers are particularly sensitive to this effect.  These words seem to point to the importance for looking to drug free migraine treatments when it comes to chronic conditions. 

A professor, and headache specialist, at the University of Adelaide stressed that codeine use for the treatment of occasional headaches and pain was fine, but that it should no longer be viewed as an option for long-term chronic conditions.  Drug free migraine treatment like the Omega migraine procedure could be a great alternative for people struggling to manage chronic headache symptoms with powerful medications that often seem to bring more trouble than the trouble they are supposed to treat!

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