An NBA Star’s continuing battle with Migraines

NBA's Wade Migraine

March 5, 2014

Earlier this month, Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade had to sit out a game thanks to another migraine in Phoenix.   A while ago we featured an article about the basketball star’s battle with migraines while maintaining an elite career as a professional athlete, in the public eye.

He has been treating migraines throughout his career with medication and special tinted goggles that reduce visual glare (known to trigger headaches and other migraine symptoms for many).  Unfortunately he has struggled through a difficult season with knee trouble, which already caused him to miss many games.

A report in the Palm Beach Post said that Wade missed the Heat’s win over the Suns, and attempted to recover in the team hotel in Phoenix.  Migraine symptoms only worsened however when he had to fly with the team to the next game.  He told media reporters than in the air he experienced another attack.  His migraine treatment included resting in a darkened room and taking his medication.

Wade’s battle with migraines goes back to his childhood.  During the 2011 playoffs against the 76ers, Wade suffered a migraine at the first game in the series.  The New York Daily News reported that Wade said  “I have fear for it, not just in the mornings, but all during the day. I have fear of it a lot of times.” The article said that a bright object or looking at a light for too long could trigger an attack for him.

While this latest Phoenix migraine episode is not likely Wade’s last, hopefully the migraine treatment strategy he and his doctors choose will continue to help him manage his condition.  It seems he is using a combination of prescription medication and trigger avoidance (tinted specialized glasses).  Perhaps he already is or will be considering alternative therapies like Botox injections or even a migraine procedure.  Appreciating this young man’s amazing athletic achievement on the court, is all the more inspiring, realizing how much adversity he must overcome to play like the superstar he is.

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