An ‘Aussie’ Drug Free Migraine Breakthrough

April 4, 2013

From the Land Down Under comes news that a promising new drug free migraine treatment is in the final phase of research.   According to the director of the Griffith Health Institute in Queensland, this decade long effort became especially promising about 6 years ago when a genetic defect was found in 20 percent of migraineurs.  The researchers discovered that these people had an enzyme that wasn’t functioning as needed.  This led to clinical trials for nutrition-based migraine treatments including Vitamin B and folate.  The scientists found that these patients experienced fewer migraines and less severe symptoms when they began a supplement regimen of Vitamin B and folate.

The Griffith University’s website reported that a former subject who participated in the study suffered with migraines for about 30 years, since she was 17 years old, and had not experienced any consistent symptom relief from migraine treatments.  She was coping with her condition by taking strong pain medication.  The woman said she was one of the fortunate subjects who received the drug free migraine treatment during the 6-month study, rather than a placebo.  She reported that the number of her migraines plummeted and she began to feel much better.  Surprisingly, she says that she no longer suffers with migraines since she began taking the supplements at a specially prescribed dosage.

The current research developments from the Griffith University Health Institute, reported in The Sydney Morning Herald, could be exciting news for you if you are among the 20 percent of migraineurs who are genetically predisposed to the disabling pain, nausea and neurological events of migraine attacks.  While the scientists work on the effective formulation of the drug free migraine treatment, based on an individual’s genetic composition, you may want to talk with your doctor about incorporating some Vitamin B and folate into your migraine treatment plan.

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