Alexas A.

August 8, 2013

Name: Alexas “LuLu” A.
Age: 17
Location: Texas
Diagnosis: Permanent Migraine due to Traumatic Brain Injury
Procedure Date(s): April 16, 2013
Type of Procedure(s): Omega

Pre-surgery Life Style / Condition: Constant pain. Six pills a day. Struggling to keep up in school, never going anywhere with friends. Crying due to pain and frustration. My grades fell. I couldn’t concentrate and because of meds I had very little short-term memory. Pain stayed at a level 7–8 all day, every day.

Post-surgery Outcome: My medication has dropped to two pills a day, therefore my memory has gotten much better. I’m hanging out with my friends more, cheer-leading again, and dance classes. Now I can control my pain with a remote.

Information I wish had been on your blog was the extent of the surgery and stitches. Dr. Farley did explain this before I went to the OR, but I’d like to tell my version. The first three days I didn’t think it was worth it, and I wanted the implant out. But then I started feeling better and she was right. By the second week I asked Dr. Farley to lift my restrictions and started dancing again. Week three I was cheering with my varsity squad again, and by week four I was stunting and flying again.

And now I’m enjoying my summer—swimming, movies, Six Flags, and sleepovers with my best friends. And my headache is so much better. I’m glad I had this done and I thank Dr. Farley for helping me.

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