R. Alan Moore, Jr., M.D.

Location: Bellaire, Texas


Dr. Alan J. Moore began learning the principles of medical care at an early age. His father, Alan Moore, Sr., also an anesthesiologist, encouraged Alan to consider being a physician. From that point, Dr. Moore saw his first operation at 12, mopped OR floors at 16, and eventually became Chief of Staff at a local hospital – all of which helped mold him into the Pain Relief Specialist he is today. Dr. Moore attended Baylor College of Medicine graduating in 1976. He then completed an Anesthesiology Residency at the University of Mississippi in 1979, and became Board-Certified with the American Board of Anesthesiology in 1981.

Relevant Experience:

In private practice for nearly 30 years, Dr. Moore is a fellow in the American Academy of Pain Management and Board Certified in the subspecialty of Pain Management. As the acting President of the Pain Management Center of Houston and Consultant for the Regional Advisory Council of the Chronic Pain Network, Dr. Moore has extensive experience in pain management and access to the latest pain-relief innovations and discoveries. His specialities include minimally-invasive surgical techniques and implantable neurostimulation devices for pain relief.

As a partner with Migraine Treatment Centers of America, Dr. Moore offers a unique skillset for treating patients with severe Migraines and Headaches, as well as neck back and extremety pain. In his spare time, Dr. Moore enjoys SCUBA diving, snow skiing, backpacking, photography, videography and video production and editing.