Our Philosophy

Our Mission is simple:  to help as many people as possible

Obviously this stated goal encompasses many things, but in our day-to-day endeavors it manifests itself in trying to do what is best for our patients at every point in our interactions.  Sometimes this leads the patient to one of our procedures, and sometimes it leads the patient to other treatments.  Whatever the outcome, first and foremost, we want to see you get better.

Our Philosophy at Migraine Treatment Centers of America results in a holistic, conservative approach designed to assist patients in finding the most appropriate care given their individual medical situation.  We understand that navigating the vast sea of information and options can be daunting, so our primary goal is to help arm you with the facts you need to make an informed decision.

This Philosophy as it relates to the treatment of chronic pain is discussed in the various Continuum of Care sections, which explain our belief that sufferers of chronic pain should try treatments in increasing order of invasiveness and risk.  This continuum begins with lifestyle changes in diet and exercise and extends all the way through the utilization of neurostimulation.  Migraine Treatment Centers of America’s treatments are an exciting and innovative step in the process that will, for many people, provide lasting relief.