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5 migraines per week. Every week for 30 years. Deb Spencer suffered nearly 8,000 migraines before finding relief. “I used to dread waking up in the morning,”she said. What changed? She had the Omega procedure, a revolutionary migraine treatment now offered in Portland by Dr. Mehmet Berk. The procedure involves implanting a small battery pack and tiny electrical wires that effectively block migraine pain right when it begins. See Deb’s story of liberating pain relief of Oregon’s Fox 12 News.

Mom tackles migraine in Dallas

With four active young boys, Olicia Storms battled “horrible” chronic migraine pain for more than a decade until she discovered Migraine Treatment Center of America’s Omega migraine procedure. Dr. Scott Farley, migraine and pain management specialist, was interviewed along with Olicia in this story, which aired in June 2014 on Dallas-Ft. Worth’s CBS News Channel 11.

Omega Procedure treats 10 years of pain

Hannah Gruver’s headaches and migraine pain ranged from dull to severe, and began when she was only 13 years old. Thankfully, the Omega migraine procedure offered by Migraine Treatment Centers of America eased her pain. KXAS-TV NBC News Channel 5 in Dallas-Ft. Worth interviewed Hannah and pain management physician Dr. Darren Schuhmacher about the Omega procedure in this June 2014 story.

Omega Procedure featured on Oklahoma's KFOR-TV

Danielle Robinson suffered from debilitating migraines for years. She tried acupuncture, massages, prescription drugs and chiropractic care. Nothing seemed to work — until she learned about Migraine Treatment Centers of America and the Omega migraine procedure. Within hours of her surgery, Danielle felt immediate relief. Oklahoma City’s NBC affiliate KFOR-TV filed a report on this successful procedure in February 2014 featuring Danielle and pain management specialist Dr. Darren Schuhmacher.

Migraine Centers and Omega Procedure featured on NBC TV in Nashville

At the age of 20, Michelle Bufford was involved in a horrible car accident. Her head shattered her car’s windshield, and from that day on, she suffered severe headaches, including some that lasted weeks. In August 2013 Michelle’s life changed dramatically after undergoing the Omega migraine procedure offered by Migraine Treatment Centers of America. Today her excruciating pain is gone. Michelle’s procedure was performed by pain management specialist
Dr. Matt Rupert, and her story was featured
on WMSV-TV in Nashville in August 2013.

Omega Migraine Procedure featured on Good Morning America TV

Teenager LuLu Alvarado from Weatherford, Texas, a varsity cheerleader, was overwhelmed by painful migraines. She missed more than 100 days of school, tried many different medications with only short-term relief and fell behind in her class work. ABC’s Good Morning America interviewed LuLu in July 2013 following the Omega migraine procedure offered through Migraine Treatment Centers of America, and discussed this treatment option with LuLu’s physician Dr. Scott Farley. With her pain under control, LuLu has returned to cheerleading.

Dr. Burgher discusses Omega Procedure on Phoenix TV

Dr. Abram Burgher of Migraine Treatment Centers of America talked about the Omega migraine procedure in June 2013 on KTVK Channel 3 in Phoenix, a new option for migraine treatment available in Arizona. He was joined by patient Cassi Sullivan, who shared that after years of suffering from migraines, medications just weren’t enough. She had completed the trial period for the Omega procedure and was looking forward to the permanent surgery.

Dr. Farley explains Omega Procedure

Dr. Scott Farley of Migraine Treatment Centers of America appeared on WFAA-TV Channel 8’s morning news show in June 2013, the local Dallas-Ft. Worth ABC affiliate. He discussed the Omega™ migraine procedure to alleviate chronic migraine pain and was joined by 17-year old LuLu Alvarado, enjoying a pain-free summer with her friends following the Omega procedure.