A Romantic Dinner Can Double as a Migraine Treatment

March 5, 2012

Don’t let chronic migraine pain put a damper on your romance. Whether single or married for years, we all need a date night now and then.  Show your head a little love first, by taking steps now to ensure you feel your best. Although fresh flowers and perfume are popular romantic gifts, make sure you aren’t exposed to ones that could trigger a migraine. In fact, it is important to avoid any triggers that can set off an attack. Just as important, make sure you use any preventive medications or migraine treatments that can keep your chronic migraine pain at bay.

Of course, one of the best migraine treatments is simply controlling your environment. Avoid the crowds and enjoy some time with your significant other during a romantic dinner for two at home. Here are some easy tips for pulling off a romantic evening.

Set the mood with romantic candlelight.
Soft lighting is a great way to fend off a chronic migraine. Whether you use tapers or pillars, make sure you choose candles that are fragrance-free.

Relax with a nice vintage.
Slowly sip a well-chilled champagne, chardonnay or pinot grigio, but limit yourself to one glass. Avoid red wines and dark-colored alcohols — they contain tyramine and tannins that can trigger chronic migraines.

Serve a scrumptious menu.
Healthy foods should always be part of your ongoing migraine treatment. It’s easy to create a menu that is healthy and romantic. Focus on fresh foods to avoid hidden preservative and additives that can be a problem. Start with steamed artichokes served with melted butter as a simple dipping sauce. A grilled steak or baked salmon seasoned with fresh basil or thyme instead of lemon slices (citrus fruits can trigger a chronic migraine) is a perfect entrée when paired with steamed or grilled asparagus on the side.

Don’t forget dessert!
Shy away from chocolate if it you know it triggers migraines in you or your sweetie. Instead enjoy créme brûlée or fresh strawberries and blackberries topped with a dollop of fresh whipped cream.

And remember, love (with a little help) can conquer chronic migraine pain!

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