20 New Years Resolutions for Chronic Migraineurs

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January 7, 2015

Did you make your New Year’s resolutions already? So many of us start the year with the best of intentions only to fall off track before the end of January! Start this year by asking yourself if you are doing your very best to manage your chronic migraine condition. If so, but you still find yourself battling pain, nausea and misery, the beginning of this new year could be the perfect time to assess whether a migraine procedure is the next step in your treatment continuum.

In any event, do take this time to review any bad headache and migraine habits, and start making some New Year’s resolutions to replace them with good habits. While lifestyle and diet don’t cure migraines, many sufferers feel much better and experience fewer attacks once they avoid their triggers and stick to healthy habits. Be sure to also include specific migraine-busting to-dos in your resolutions. Here are 20 resolutions to get you started on a great year ahead:

  1. Remember to stay hydrated
  2. Avoid migraine triggering foods
  3. Ditch your nightly glass of wine
  4. Eat migraine fighting foods
  5. Be prepared and don’t skip meals
  6. Get back to nature
  7. Exercise more
  8. Stay connected with friends and family
  9. Clean up your sleep regimen
  10. Kick that smoking habit
  11. Manage stress proactively
  12. Meditate and be mindful
  13. Care for your mental health
  14. Prioritize your health and well-being
  15. Connect with a migraine specialist
  16. Take your medication as prescribed
  17. Maintain migraine records and information
  18. Find out if you qualify for a migraine procedure
  19. Get educated about your migraine condition
  20. Help raise migraine awareness

Tracking your progress and commitment is the key to success when it comes to sticking with your resolutions. Maintaining a migraine diary, with information about triggers, medication, reactions, headache frequency and characteristics is the most important thing you can do to help you best understand and manage your condition. Another helpful and fun way to stay on track well beyond the end of January is to team up with a buddy so you can motivate and support each other throughout the year.

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