Lubbock Migraine Treatment Center

Lubbock migraine sufferers now have a convenient location to treat chronic migraine pain.  In the Lubbock area, Dr. Ralph Menard has been treating pain patients longer than any other pain physician in private practice.  Now, through Migraine Treatment Centers of America, he is offering the exclusive Omega™ migraine procedure.

What is the Omega™ migraine procedure?

Through the Omega™ migraine procedure, a physician implants a small device that provides gentle stimulation to nerves under the skin.  This neurostimulation (literally “nerve stimulation”) has been shown to stop chronic migraine pain.

Are you a candidate?

Two factors affect whether you are a candidate for a procedure like the Omega.  First, you should have a chronic migraine (a severe headache occurring more than 15 days per month) that is not relieved by traditional therapy such as prescription medication.  Second, you should respond to neurostimulation, through a supervised trial run.  Patients who respond to neurostimulation tend to feel their migraine pain disappear almost immediately during the trial.

The Migraine Treatment Centers of America’s Lubbock office provides:
• A free chronic migraine evaluation by medical staff
• Free educational seminars about the Omega™ migraine procedure
• Specialists in interventional pain management
• A top surgical facility

Free migraine evaluation. Call us toll-free at (855) 300-6822 to talk to one of our migraine specialists.  They will walk you through a questionnaire to determine whether you have a chronic migraine, and discuss your treatment history with you.  They will also send you a migraine diary to track your pain so you can discuss it with your physician and with our specialists.

Free migraine seminar in Lubbock. The Dallas Migraine Treatment Centers of America office provides regular educational seminars in the Lubbock area.  Dr. Menard will explain who is a candidate and what to expect, and answer any questions you may have.

Migraine specialists. Our partner physicians are specialists in interventional pain management, which means that they provide medical procedures to help patients reduce pain. Migraine Treatment Centers of America works with some of the leading physicians in the field.

Top surgical facilities. Covenant SurgiCenter and NorthStar Surgical Centers are two of the premier outpatient surgical facilities in the Lubbock region.

Contact us at (855) 300-6822 to speak to a migraine specialist.